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Summer Camp Liberty Village visits the National Aquarium as part of Field Trip Fridays

Around 30 summer school students and their teachers visited the National Aquarium Friday as part of a grant-funded program that takes nonprofit organizations on field trips around the city. At the beginning of the summer, Baltimore City nonprofit youth organizations were invited to request tickets to extend their summer programs an extra day to explore some of Baltimore’s cultural institutions.

Sass And Shimmer: The Dazzling History Of Black Majorettes And Dance Lines

Beginning in the 1960s, young Black majorettes and dance troupes created a fascinating style of movement. This is the story of how they did it.

At historically Black colleges and universities, halftime is when audience members rush back to their seats for the real show. The drum majors are stars, of course, but sharing the spotlight are smiling, limber dancers with moves so big, even the nosebleeds can see every detail. They prance alongside marching bands, or in the stands, then run through pr

Some HBCU Upperclassmen Are Facing Homelessness As New Academic Year Approaches

Texas Southern University junior, TB, was a resident at her university’s newly-bought residence hall, Urban Academic Village. Despite being the 2021-2022 Miss Urban Village, she was not able to secure an on-campus housing spot for the upcoming academic year. “As upperclassmen, we’re already struggling with buying books, access codes and transportation,” the film major tells ESSENCE GU. “It’s hard finding and affording housing.”

She says the administration told her the decision was made to give

Howard University Students Rejoice As 34-Day Demonstration Ends

Howard University sold a dream to many future Bison. They promised parents they could educate this generation’s next Angela Davis, Thurgood Marshall and Langston Hughes. What they did not disclose were the issues the university has had for decades, including allegations of infestations and mold throughout the dorms of the university. This recently led to the widely-publicized protests that went on for weeks.

On October 12, The Live Movement began the demonstration known as the #BlackburnTakover

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